The Extended Warranty provides peace of mind for your purchase.

The information provided here is a summary of what is covered by your extended warranty. Please view the listing for this item on the website for full details regarding the manufacturer's warranty. Your extended warranty is in addition to cover already provided within the manufacturer's warranty.

Why purchase an Extended Warranty?

The GymAndFitness Extended Warranty gives you confidence and peace of mind should you have a problem with your purchased item during the period of your Extended Warranty after your manufacturer's warranty has already expired.

This extended warranty will protect you against breakdowns and failures of the item or components within the item for the duration of the extended warranty period. This extended warranty period will commence from the date of expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.

How does it work?

1 - Length of Cover

The period of cover will be displayed on your purchase invoice and is available as:

EW1 = 1 Year Extended Warranty

EW2 = 2 Year Extended Warranty

EW3 = 3 Year Extended Warranty

EW4 = 4 Year Extended Warranty

As an example, if your purchased item was a treadmill with the following manufacturer's warranty:

Frame = 5 years

Drive Motor = 5 years

Electronics = 5 years

Belt, Deck and Rollers = 5 years

Labour = 2 years – Return to base

and you purchased an EW2, GymAndFitness 2 Year Extended Warranty, your new total warranty cover period would become:

Frame = 7 years

Drive Motor = 7 years

Electronics = 7 years

Belt, Deck and Rollers = 7 years

Labour = 4 years – Return to base

If the manufacturer's warranty is less than 1 Year, then a period of twice the term of the manufacturer's warranty will apply. An example of this could be a 90 day term becoming 270 days when an EW2 (2 Year Extended Warranty) is purchased in association with that product.

2 – When am I able to purchase the Extended Warranty?

The GymAndFitness Extended Warranty is available only for specific items available from the website or retail stores and must be purchased on the same day as the associated product to appear on the same invoice.

3 – What is covered?

The GymAndFitness Extended Warranty will cover faults identified and protected within the manufacturer's warranty and will act as a continuance of this cover until the expiration of the Extended Warranty period or until the item has been replaced during the Extended Warranty period.

4 – Repairs and replacements

Once a problem has been communicated to the GymAndFitness customer service team, the fault will be established and a repair, replacement or spare part(s) will be provided to restore the item to full working order. If spare parts or repairs are unable to be performed, GymAndFitness will replace the original item with the same product or an equivalent item which may be equal, lesser or greater value dependant on technological advancements and economic conditions.

If the item is unable to be repaired and GymAndFitness is also unable to offer a suitable replacement, a store credit, gift card or cash settlement will be offered. The resolution decision will always remain the discretion of GymAndFitness.

If an item is replaced or the resolution results in a store credit, gift card or cash settlement then the returned item will become property of GymAndFitness and the Extended Warranty will be voided.

5 – Repetitive failures

The item will be replaced if the same component fails three or more times within the Extended Warranty period.

6 – Labour expenses

Where an item requires repair by an authorised GymAndFitness technician, GymAndFitness will cover the technician's labour expenses for the repair once the item has been returned to the base location or GymAndFitness licenced technician for repair during the labour cover period identified within the warranty.

7 – Freight / Delivery

GymAndFitness will cover the freight or delivery expense to and from the repairer where:

a) the gross weight of the warranted item is 5kg or less; and

b) the warranted item is located within 50km from the designated service centre.

GymAndFitness can not be held responsible for any damages with respect to financial loss, property loss, installation or removal expenses, loss of enjoyment or usage during repair or replacement periods.

8 – Business / Commercial usage

The GymAndFitness Extended Warranty is offered for items used in a home usage environment. Commercial usage will only be covered in instances where written authorisation by an authorised GymAndFitness representative has been added to this External Warranty. Commercial usage cover may incur a higher expense to the purchaser.

9 – Transfer of ownership

This Extended Warranty is available only to the original purchaser as named on the purchasing invoice. If your purchase has been made as a gift, please use the name of the gift receiver if you would like to also purchase an extended warranty for this item.

What if my item has a failure?

Check your item thoroughly to ensure the item has been assembled correctly and all maintenance procedure have been followed. If the item is powered, check power leads are properly connected and the power source is performing correctly. It is sometimes worth trying the item in a different power point which is currently working correctly for other devices.

If the item included an instruction guide, read through the trouble shooting points and perform any recommended solutions where possible except where an authorised technician is required or recommended. Check the manufacturer's warranty conditions to see if the problem is covered by warranty.

If the problem persists, follow the simple steps below to make an Extended Warranty claim.


Have your GymAndFitness purchase invoice at hand before phoning. In some instances it may also be helpful to have photographs or video demonstrating the problem which can be emailed to the GymAndFitness customer service team if requested.

Phone 1800 614 491 between 9.30am and 5.30pm EST.

The friendly team at GymAndFitness will be happy to assist.

GymAndFitness Customer Service

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