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Expertise Proven By Time

Gym and Fitness has been in the industry for more than a decade. We've withstood the test of time and we're proud to be one of the largest and trusted online fitness equipment retailers all over Australia

We Value Your Feedback

Here at Gym and Fitness, be it a complain or compliment, we want to know what you have to say. We put value on your feedback because that just helps us serve you better.

Wold Class Customer Service

We have a lof of competitors, but what sets us apart is the way we value YOU. We're not after the short-term profit, rather, we look for long-term partnerships with our clients. Word of mouth is our main proof that you are in good hands.


We have also partnered with Australia's leading finance companies to help you get your dream setup today!

Cost-Worthy Products

Starting your own gym business or just for personal home use, fitness equipment are a big investment. With that cost at take, we give you the lowest possible price you can't get from others. Send us a written quote, we'll top it with ours. We have a Price Match Feature on all our products, now that's what you call getting your money's worth.

One of the Largest

GAF is one of Australia's largest retailer of gym and fitness supplies. We have a wide range of commercial equipment you can choose from. We also feature top international brand names from trusted suppliers around the world.

What makes us different?

Good quality products, partnered with world class customer service, Gym and Fitness has been delivering unrelenting performance for over a decade with 100 years total of health and fitness experience combined from the management and staff.

From a simple family owned business, now a top-notched retailer all over Australia, our core values and company principles are what we boast to other sellers. We treat our customers not as short-term profit but as long term partners. We will help you build your dream gym business or your family fitness room.

Start to finish service

From helping you choose the right products, to offering you the lowest possible price, to efficient delivery to installing your equipment. We got that covered for you.

With over 3,000 products to choose from, it's a headache to find the right product, be it a big machine or a small accessory, that's why we have a sales team to provide you with expert advices about how to's and the what not to's

Logistics? Not a problem. We'll have the delivery all sorted out straight to your door. We'll also help you set-up your equipment the way you want it.


You don't even have to break a sweat in setting up your equipment. We have a team of experts doing the dirty work for you. If bolts and screws are not your thing, just tell us and we'll help you install everything, probably the only thing you'll do is use your equipment.

Assembling your machines and racks requires time and effort, leave this to us and we'll send people to install these the way you want them. Save your time and energy to other important activities. That's how much we value your time.

Happy customers

Hear what they have to say

“They were very professional, helpful and prompt in providing suggestions and recommendations throughout the whole process to suit our needs and specific business model.”

- FIT H.Q.